Life Stories… The Story of the First Haircut {Chicago Area Photographer}

I have to tell you – I love the end of the month and the Life Stories series.  I really hope you have enjoyed reading through and continuing the chain through so many talented photographers.  I am in awe every month, as we all continue to remember to capture everyday events of our families, and this month is no exception.

My littlest guy is getting ready to turn 11 months – I have tried to ignore the unruliness that had become his hair, but I could ignore no more…  With that, the story of the first haircut is here!

It is always good to start with a before image, so you know just what you are dealing with…

Those eyes and lashes – oh how they melt my heart!  Soon we began… I must say I was concerned on how still he would be, considering how much he DOES NOT while having his diaper changed…  but, yes, as you have heard before, he of course did far better with someone else then he does with me!

Of course, after a while, we had to take some measures to keep him interested….  nothing works better than objects with buttons – and – technology devices.  Seriously, what did our parents do to keep us entertained before the invention of smart phones!

It’s all in those small details…

We were getting so close – and I have to say, I really loved to very tall spike – started to remind me of a hairstyle I had in high school that my Mom so affectionately referred to as the wall…

Whew – we made it through, and then of course the tears came, from me – because my baby no longer looked like a baby!  Handsome little devil that he is!

Now, don’t forget to continue to click through and read the entire circle of life stories, I promise you it will be well worth your time!  Click HERE to begin with the next super talented photographer, Danielle Frank of Danielle Frank Photography… I know I cannot wait to read through!


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  1. amy

    Oh what a bittersweet moment- he looks like such a big boy!! :)

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen a more adorable little guy. I don’t mind what his hair looks like, those eyes will ALWAYS be amazing!!! What a fantastic story!!

  3. Oh my word! How cute is he? I love the transformation from baby look to little boy! These are lovely!

  4. He is so adorable! He looks so grown up with his new hair cut. Terrific story telling!

  5. Tami

    Love it! And, I think I have a school picture of “the wall.” :-)

  6. Rachel Aberle

    Look how he’s grown! This is so sweet.

  7. Awww he is so cute!I just want to pinch his cheeks. Adorable.

  8. What a handsome little guy! I loved seeing this. I know my son will need his hair cut soon and just thinking about it makes me sad – he’s growing up.

  9. His big-boy haircut is adorable. He’s adorable. But this post made me glad my little one is a girl and I can put off the first haircut for a long long time! They grow up too fast!

  10. Karen

    I can’t believe how big he’s getting!!!

  11. Ohhhhhh! What a transformation! He’s gorgeous!

  12. Oh my gosh, how much older he looks w/ the haircut! That always broke my heart w/ my little ones. Sweet captures!

  13. I hate those first hair cuts because it just makes them look SO much more grown up. He has such long eye lashes. How is he 11 months already?!? Seems like just yesterday he was born.

  14. these are adorable and he is looks so big with the haircut!


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